Aromatherapy Sleep Set 250 ml

30.000 JD

Imagine starting your evening with a warm, relaxing shower, enveloped in the soothing aroma of lavender. As you lather your skin with The Rehab shower gel infused with natural essential oils, the comforting scent fills the air, helping to calm and soothe your senses. Afterwards, you can pat yourself dry and smooth on a luxurious body lotion with the same calming lavender scent, allowing it to sink into your skin and help you unwind. As you crawl into bed, you can finish your bedtime routine by spritzing a mist of lavender body and pillow spray over your sheets, creating the perfect tranquil environment for a restful night's sleep. With this shower routine, you can drift off into a deep, peaceful slumber, surrounded by the soothing aroma of lavender.


This Set Contains :

  •  Sleep Shower Gel 250 ml :

Our sleep shower gel is infused with the relaxing scent of lavender and a blend of essential oils known for their calming properties. Its gentle lather cleanses and soothes your skin as it helps you unwind and prepare for a peaceful night's sleep. For best results, take a very deep breath as you indulge in this rich formula. 

  •  Sleep Body Lotion 250 ml :

Allow the calming scent of lavender to help you relax and unwind before bed. As you massage it into your skin, the nourishing formula helps to soothe and moisturize, while the natural aromas work to promote a sense of calm and tranquility, making it easier for you to fall into a restful sleep. For best results, take a very deep breath as you indulge in this rich formula. 

  •  Sleep Spray 250 ml :

Simply spritz a mist onto your pillow, sheets, or pulse points, and let the soothing aroma lull you into a deep and restful sleep.


How To Use :


Step 1 :

Start your shower with lavender lavender shower gel. As you massage the soothing gel into your skin, take a deep breath and let the soothing scent of lavender Relax your senses.


Step 2 :

Next, apply the lavender lotion to your skin while it is still damp. The lotion will help to lock in moisture and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. As you massage the lotion into your skin, close your eyes and let the scent of lavender relax your body .


Step 3 :

After you are done showering and drying off, apply the lavender body spray and pillowcase to your body. As the mist settles on your skin, the scent of lavender will surround you, helping you feel relaxed and sleep soundly.